Сертификат ХАССП (Мясокомбинат ГАТЧИНСКИ
Сертификат ХАССП (Мясокомбинат ГАТЧИНСКИ

GATCHINSKY Meat-Processing Plant LLC was founded in 2005. The production facility is located in the Town of Taitsy (Gatchinsky District, Leningrad Region), 15 km from the St. Petersburg Ring Road

At present, GATCHINSKY Meat-Processing Plant LLC owns an integrated production-and-storage complex, encompassing: a boning workshop, four shock-freezing chambers, a low-temperature cold-storage warehouse, a sausage and deli-meat shop, a ready-to-cook meat-product workshop and two packing-and-sorting departments. 

Our own fleet of trucks, with varying load capacities, allows for the prompt daily delivery of fresh products to the customer’s shops and warehouses.

The range of products manufactured by GATCHINSKY Meat-Processing Plant LLC includes boiled sausages, semi-smoked and ready-cooked smoked wieners and bratwursts, deli-meat products made of pork, beef and poultry, as well as ready-to-cook meat products. In addition, GATCHINSKY Meat-Processing Plant LLC also supplies its own frozen and chilled meat products made of beef, pork and poultry. All raw ingredients are purchased solely from domestic livestock producers and suppliers from Customs Union countries, thereby ensuring the consistent high quality and low prices of our final products.

Since 2016, GATCHINSKY Meat-Processing Plant LLC has been approved by Rosselkhoznadzor (Russia’s agricultural-safety watchdog) for the export of ready-to-cook pork and poultry products and related by-products to the countries of East Asia.

By early 2017, the enterprise’s workforce had topped 150 employees.

Each year, GATCHINSKY Meat-Processing Plant LLC participates in large trade shows and conventions, as well as in all events organized by the agribusiness industry of Leningrad Region.

In 2005, GATCHINSKY Meat-Processing Plant LLC successfully passed certification for the compliance of its food-production facility with HAССP safety regulations.